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As there are more and more people needing care and support we need to get better at co-ordinating the different services that can help them, especially across health and social care. We simply cannot afford to duplicate services or to have services that are confusing and where the pathways for people are not clear and simple.

Our vision is for joined-up health and social care that is centred on the person needing help, tailored to their needs and preferences, and those of their carers and families, and is straightforward for people to navigate through on their road to recovery. We also know that for disabled people and their families transitions between services, at different stages in their lives – for example moving from childhood into adulthood and then onto older age – can be especially difficult, as services can change and the support people receive can be disjointed.

Our vision is for smooth and supportive transfers for people through various life stages and we will aim to improve the way we support people during these changes, working closely with NHS colleagues to try to get more joined up approaches. We will continue to work closely with both NHS commissioners (via the Clinical Commissioning Groups) and providers – such as the local hospitals and community health services. More and more the government wants to see joined up health and social care services and here in Kirklees we think that is the most effective way of making sure that people get the support they need, when they need it. It is our vision that people will get seamless, well co-ordinated services to meet their health and their social care needs.

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